Fiji Spice Queen

Fiji Spice Queen North Shore AucklandFall in love with the Fiji Spice Queen’s majestic range hydrating lotions, oils and gorgeous scrubs. Lap up the carefully selected natural ingredients and delight in the ancient remedies that are pure, uplifting and redemptive. Crafted in Fiji, cruelty free and eco wise, the Fiji Spice Queen draws her inspiration from the bounty of Fiji and her natural healing wonders. Fortify yourself.

Eco Certified, No Animal Testing, Supports Fair Trade and Motivates Local Communities

Our Ingredients:

Fiji Spice Queen Coconut Body Rub North Shore
Coconut Oil hydrates – is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and contains penetrating moisturising properties that soften and protect the skin from moisture loss. It contains medium chain fatty acids which are absorbed into the skin providing all the energy your skin needs to heal and maintain itself. Simply a natural wonder, our organic Coconut Oil comes from the very special Garden island of Taveuni, an eco travellers paradise.
Macadamia Nut Oil is a calming antioxidant and anti-aging oil that adores mature skin. High in the essential fatty Palmitoleic acid, it is also the absolute best plant alternative to animal based oils.
Cadamon oil massage North Shore Auckland
Avocado Oil is regenerating in a serious way, working hand in hand with vitamins A, D & E to soothe and restore.
Moringa Oil has unique anti-inflammatory properties. A natural exceptional healer with anti-ageing properties it also tirelessly works on improving hair, scalp health and skin blemishes.
Dilo Oil is the holy healing oil in Fiji. We source from Rotuma, a northern Fijian island, where the Dilo nuts are gathered by villages and sun dried. This wildcrafted Dilo is nature’s gift to heal skin containing a unique fatty acid called calophyllic acid, a remarkable anti- inflammatory agent, anti-inflammatory coumarins and antibiotic lactone. Perfect for sunburn and on babies to prevent nappy rash. Tackling skin eruptions it works on promoting healthy, clear, blemish free skin.
Fiji Spice Queen Milford AucklandMango Butter is a natural regenerator and traditionally been used for its skin softening, soothing, moisturising and protective properties. Anti-aging and loving to battle wrinkles, its a wonderful emollient lending protection against the sun and helping to reduce degeneration of skin cells and restore elasticity.
Papaya Seed Oil is a rich natural source of vitamin A & C and an outstanding source of omega 6 & 9. Containing the natural fruit enzyme papain, it aids skin elasticity and while this gem of an oil heals and soothes skin and scalp it works on reversing wrinkles, hair loss, eczema, psoriasis, acne and scars.
Noni is the Fijian SuperFruit and abundant in the A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12 Vitamins. Used as a moisturiser and to reduce signs of ageing, the leaves are used for arthritis and for headaches (apply to the forehead) and can be directly applied to burns, sores, and wounds. Drinking the juice is said to improve skin tone, hair, the immune system, digestion and an overall improvement to general well-being.
FYI: MORINGA OIL comes from the plant commonly known in Fiji as Saigen whose nuts are eaten and leaves used in delicious curries. The oil from this tree is a natural wonder for skin health. We use Moringa oil in all our products. Mango trees yield hundreds of tons of fragrant fruit each year in Fiji, their hulls discarded for the birds. These hulls can be crushed to reveal their kernels then pressed and processed to extract MANGO BUTTER, a natural emollient with excellent moisturising properties for the skin. Another adored ingredient we hope to see develop and prosper here in Fiji. Its always been clear to us- create a range of Body care products using as much as we can of the natural abundance of Fiji. Not everything we use is grown here in Fiji but it can be. We deliberately chose our ingredients from that potential. We hope to see these crops develop and prosper.