Introducing the Whish line of organic natural body products

We are proud to introduce the Whish line of organic natural body products. I am absolutely loving the body butter containing aloe, raspberry butter, and shea butter. This rich and creamy body butter deeply nourishes and hydrates while protecting your skin from outside elements. Especially those dry hands and feet! and best of all, it does this without a sticky oily after feel. Available in natural fragrances of pomegranate, almond, lemongrass, lavender, blueberry and coconut. Whish natural skincare Available at Samsara Medispa RRP $70

Idermed Home Peels

Idermed Brightening Home Peel

Idermed Brightening Home Peel

It is so important to use the right exfoliator for your skin type and concerns. Using the correct prescribed product will not only allow you to have the best possible results but it will also avoid problems such as an unbalanced acid mantle, sensitivity, redness and dry, irritated premature aged skin. I love the Idermed range of home peels. These peels work by gently accelerating the build up of damaged, dead and discolored cells. Helping promote a healthy, even and radiant skin. You will even notice your after care products work more efficiently and go further. Use just once a week and see the results for yourself! Idermed skincare available at Samsara Medispa

Best Bronzer

Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer

Best bronzer

I am absolutely loving the NEW Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion. This light reflecting sheer lotion packed full of diamond dust, elder flower and blackberry extracts creates a shimmering luminosity on the skin. Wear it alone or with your favorite makeup. Simply dab with fingers and blend. It is the perfect makeup that’s light, quick and easy to use while creating a beautiful glowing goddess look! Available at Samsara Medispa RRP $70